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10 Tips for Traveling College Students at Christmas

So here are 10 Holiday Tips for College Kids. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

1. College students when leaving to go home for Christmas break, don’t forget to keep your thermostat at 55 degrees. You don’t want to come back to a flooded apartment and new classes…

2. Don’t wrap your Christmas presents before you go to the airport..they will be unwrapped anyway.

3. When Christmas shopping, be very aware of your surroundings almost like you’re in a spy movie..

4. You are most likely to be robbed while walking. Keep your belongings in front of your body where you can keep track of them.

5. There is a difference between indoor and outdoor lights..putting the indoor lights out in the winter weather can put you at risk of electrical shock.

6. Before putting your real tree in the stand, cut a couple of inches off the bottom. This will increase absorbency, making it last longer while also making it harder for your tree to catch fire.

7. If you think you should be asleep, you simply shouldn’t be driving.

8. When at an airport, less is better. Pack less and get on that plane.

9. Girls: Over packing makes it a lot harder to repack once security checks through it. Do you really need that fourth pair of jeans…?

10. According to the National Fire Protection Association, home fires started with Christmas decorations resulted in $18.3 million annually. So Saving a couple dollars with the lights may turn into a bigger expense in the long run.

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