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5 Tips for Surviving Winter

I am beyond done with the cold weather. There are no more Christmas festivities to look forward to anymore and we haven’t even hit the coldest part of the year.  Here are some survival tips to make it through the rough winter without losing too much of your sanity:

1.  Make sure your car is winter ready.  Nothing is worse than getting into a wreck or breaking down when its 15 degrees outside.

2.  I can’t stress the importance of an ice scraper enough.  That little piece of plastic will seem like a miracle worker when you are late, tired and frozen.

3.  Go and start your car before you are ready to leave. Your day will start off a little better if you aren’t shivering on your way to work.

4.  Looks towards the future. Warmer months will come around again and you want to be prepared. Book your summer vacation early and you will save money while also giving you something to look forward to.

5.  If you are trying to get swim suit ready, make sure you have the best tennis shoes for running in the winter conditions.  Sometimes the coolest shoes are not the best in the long run. Get tennis shoes with the most traction if you are running outside.

Photo: Highways Agency

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