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5 Winter Car Tips for College Girls

College girls follow these car tips to make through winter :

1.  Always have a safety kit in your car, you never know what might happen.

2.  That little annoying light is the low tire pressure signal…you have to put more air in the tires, it will not just go away.

3.  Make sure there is enough gas in your car at all times.  Even though you are short on money, getting stranded in the cold is way worse than $3 for a gallon of gas.

4.  An ice scraper is a necessity, especially if you do not have covered parking. Trust me, it is a big help when you are late for class and your car is frozen.

5.  If you get really desperate and have to defrost your car faster, place your hand on the windshield. A warm solid surface will defrost the glass faster than the cold air.

Photo: Howard Kang

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