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9 Disney World Tips

Two weeks ago my family went to Disney World, so I was inspired to give our readers and clients 9 tips to a great Disney World Experience.

1.  Fast Pass+ was such a great experience. The wrist band allowed us to purchase food and drinks, shop, and even acted as our room key, ticket to parks, and jump line. We were apparently part of a test group for Fast Pass+.

2.  So the Fast Pass+ and the My Disney Experience App go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. When crowds and possibly hot temperatures are present, efficiency and solutions are important to me, so this huge step in technology really gave our family a jump on planning, managing the crowds and booking character meals. We could see wait times, book character experiences, and review the map. The Disney Experience App is basically your guide. Be a master of it….for instance review weeks ahead of time up to your visit and see what wait times are; that will give you the knowledge to know when and where to go first, etc..

3.  We choose February because we had been before during that month and the lines were super short. It was more crowded this time, but not bad. Pick the right time of year to visit.

4.  Check airline flights, I didn’t and wish I would have as the cost of flying turned out to be minimal with Allegiant Air.

5.  We were Princess bound most of the time, so we went for breakfast first thing both days we were there. Our 8 AM booking let us enjoy the experience, but also gave us a jump to the 9 AM opening of the parks. We essentially were the first people on the rides, so we choose the ones with the longest lines historically first. Our wait times ranged from 10 – 15 minutes on those rides first thing in the morning…sometimes we walked right on. Many times we rode the rides 2 or 3 times.

6.  Battery Power is key, because the app is your guide, so bring something to recharge your phones, or Ipad. I do think a recharge station would be a good addition at Disney..or somewhere to purchase a recharge.

7.  Packing a bag..the cool thing was we didn’t need a key or a wallet because everything was on my Fast Pass+ wrist band. So we packed a few ponchos, or rain jackets and a few waters and headed out.

8.  Extended time in park. Take advantage of the shorter lines if your children and you feel like you can go till midnight.

9.  So we decided to spend our time visiting Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom in 2 days. If it wasn’t for the Fast Pass+ and the App we couldn’t have done it. Despite the fact that we probably walked 10 + miles and our feet were killing us. We still wanted more.

Photo: Michael Gray

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