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A Look Back

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As our office celebrated bookkeeper Clara Williams retirement last week – she gave us a great rundown of some milestones for our agency.  Clara has been with us for over 25 years – and been working in the Knoxville Insurance business for over 40.  Here are some of the progressions we’ve made over history:

1980:  Current owner and President John Clarke comes to work as a commercial insurance agent  for John Bailey Company

1982:  John Bailey Company buys its first computer – a Radio Shack Tandy

1984:  Clara Williams comes to work for John Bailey Company

1986: John Clarke purchases ownership of  Home Investment Insurance Agency, mainly a Knoxville based auto insurance agency

1990: John Bailey Company moves to Union Ave in downtown Knoxville

1991: Missy LeQuire begins working for John Clarke as an auto insurance account executive with Home Investment Insurance Agency

1991: John Bailey Company buys its first fax machine; and replaces all its rotary phones with touch pad.

1997: John Clarke purchases John Bailey Company.  He and Missy (along with a few other employees) operate John Bailey Company along with Home Investment Insurance Agency out of the same office

1997: Move to 200 W. Fifth Ave Building, needed more parking

2001: Wayne Johnson comes aboard John Bailey Company as a commercial insurance producer

2001: Brandon Clarke graduates from Ole Miss – and comes home to Knoxville to work for 6 months – then he heads to Denver, CO to work for a commercial insurance company

2003:  Trucking insurance expert Craig Runger comes aboard as a commercial producer

2004:  Anne Bilbrey comes to John Bailey Company and brings 23 years of experience in commercial auto, auto dealerships, and towing wrecker insurance.

2005: Brandon Clarke returns from Denver to pursue the RV park insurance and outdoor insurance markets.

2006: Glenda Williams retires from the auto insurance department.

2007: John Bailey Company purchases 1011 N. Broadway St.  in the Old North Knoxville/4th and Gill section of town

2007: Joe Morelock comes aboard after his 1 year internship with the Memphis Chamber of Commerce and graduating from the University of Tennessee

2010: Clara Williams retires from John Bailey Company – congrats Clara!

2010: Felicia Caldwell brings 20+ years of experience in auto and homeowners insurance to John Bailey Company – Welcome Aboard Felicia!

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