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Affordable Care Act-Not Obamacare

I was privileged enough to watch about 15 minutes of the State of The Union address the other night.  Political affiliation, or not, I could not help but notice the dynamics of the whole room of “representatives”.   I know crowd psychology as a musician, and I understand how masses of people are moved or swayed because of an initial response to a particular agenda, idea or emotion.  This was very interesting to me as I noticed a particular response to very particular agendas.

Have you ever noticed at a play, concert, church or performance that once one person begins to clap, the whole room begins to clap?  This is a dynamic, of crowd psychology.  Universality of thoughts and ideas, emphasized by the response, in this case, of the attendees.

I am amazed, at times(more often than not)the rhetoric that comes from some our “elected” officials.  When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law, effective 2014, has some very beneficial aspects that may not be obvious.

Everyone needs, and should have access, to quality healthcare.  Regardless of political affiliation, we should be thankful some people, usually the ones that need it most, can get health care.  Thankfully,  there is not a Maximum Lifetime Benefit on health insurance policies anymore.  Now people can get Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance with pre-existing conditions.  Fortunately, some policies can no longer terminate your coverage because of a particular health problem.

Everyone needs, and should have, access to quality health care.

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