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Agritainment, if you build it they will come.

Agritainment businesses are popping up everywhere. Defined as…basically turning your farmland into a tourist attraction during certain times of the year. With Halloween around the corner; we know families will be traveling out to pumpkin patches and haunted corn mazes. We are finding that not only has agritainment succeeded during these special times of the year, but the owners are now offering many more activities:

1. Pony Rides

2. Bounce Pillows

3. Petting Zoos

4. Hayrides

5. Zip Lines

6. Concession Stands

This movement towards more activities has become a really smart move.. infact  farmers are creating a new market place throughout the country and a new source of revenue. It kind of reminds me of the impulse isle, or the real estate idea of an anchor store…great marketing, “You Build It, they will come”

Insurance for the most part can be found rather cheap given the length of time needed for coverage, however things like zip lines can complicate the underwriting process..if you are lucky you maybe able to find an agency that can write the entire insurance piece, or you may have to get creative and “Cut it Out.”  It all really depends on the exposure (attendance versus revenue, the processes, how long the operation has been in existence and what controls are in place.

Our insurance agency uses several different markets to help insure success, need help..let me know or (865)524-0785

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