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Apartment Hunting?

low angle view of building

Photo by Brandon Griggs on Unsplash

The life of a post-college student is upon me. My checklist is slowly dwindling down as I get my life in “order.” On that list, after getting my bills in order, is finding an apartment. On the verge of being able to get my own place, I’m on the apartment hunt. It’s a painstakingly long task; at least it is for me.

What helped me wade through all the choices is first: figure out what you are looking for. How many bedrooms? Do you need a washer/dryer hookup? Is there a pool, workout area, clubhouse, dishwasher, and fireplace? There are so many choices, so many decisions to make. Second: location. What part of town do you want to live in? Is it close to work, friends, and family? Is that something you even want? Third: price! Can you afford it? Here is a website that had some useful information and tips when searching for an apartment.

Always make sure you can afford the place you are living in and don’t succumb to the idea that “it will just all work out.” It doesn’t matter if you are moving into an apartment, condo, or house. And don’t forget renter’s insurance. An independent agency can find the right deal for you.

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