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Are you tying the knot?

Part of the fun stuff in our business is celebrating life changes with our clients. We exist to provide opportunity and solve problems; we are a support system for success. Tying the knot is a great time to evaluate smart moves for the future. Insurance, is not as fun as shopping for a home, or as sparkly as that big nugget engagement ring; we get that consumers would rather spend time doing the fun stuff.. But lets get real, you must protect your investment and you must plan your future so that your family can become financially free. Below are a few coverages and investment tools that are great for newlyweds:

1. Wedding Insurance offers liquor liability for that special event, as well as some other bells and whistles, which you can read about here. This is offered by Travelers Insurance through our agency and is inexpensive and quick to put into effect. When planning a wedding, you may run into several venues who require this insurance.

2. Car Insurance, of course you need to take the time to discuss this marriage of driving risk, liability protection, and property damage for your rides.

3. Home Insurance or Renters Coverage – Simply put buy renters insurance, its cheap and can really help, buy the stuff don’t be cheap. Home insurance can be tricky in these times, especially if there are 2 homes involved…We can help in any situation revolving around Home insurance, these days the big thing we are seeing is increased wind and hail deductibles, or percentage deductibles from wind and hail, as well as increased premiums.

4. Life insurance is something that we all need to discuss with our spouses, honestly we find that it takes several years for couples to purchase this important coverage. There is no better chance to buy life insurance then when you get married; most of the time the couples are young and can lock into a term rate for a long period of time. Plan to be successful, but also have a back up plan; buy life insurance ASAP. It is your spouse you are protecting, allow them to succeed.

5. IRAs can be a great investment tool, thinking about this conversation and learning about the option can lead you and your spouse into a special conversation about money and retirement. The IRA is worth considering.

6. Inland Marine is the only way to insure the special ring you bought that beautiful spouse of yours. Also any china, or art that is in your possession.

Hope this run down gives you some help in planning your future together. Questions or help….give us a shout @johnbaileyco or contact us

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