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Best Running Shoes of 2014

As someone who loves to shop and run, buying new tennis shoes is one of my favorite pass times.  Although I’m partial to Nike because of the style, other brands are stronger in different categories. Lately, the running world has been a buzz with the concept of energy return. Basically, the firmer and thinner the foam, the less energy you will lose and you won’t be as tired.  If you have a thick and soft sole in your shoe, more energy will be absorbed with each step and you won’t be able to goes as long. With the running shoe market being so competitive, companies are fighting to find the best foam sole version that will not suck up as much energy.

To make sure you are getting the best work out possible, look down at your shoes and make sure they aren’t hurting more than helping. If it’s time to pick out your best running shoes for 2014 make sure to look for these four things:  stability, comfort, cushioning, and appearance.

Stability: Running is hard on your body so your running shoes have to provide support and help absorb shock as your feet continually pound the pavement.  If you have weak ankles like me, stability is the most important factor.

Comfort:  You want your shoes to used for more than just exercising, they are a big investment after all.  If you keep your shoes on even after a long run, you know they pass the comfort test.

Cushioning: Cushioning is important if your feet roll inward on contact of outward.  The best way to see is by looking at your old running shoe’s soles to see where they are worn down.

Appearance:  Running shoes are not cheap, my bank account can attest to that.  So, buy running shoes that you don’t mind wearing wearing other places besides the gym.  It might also be an incentive to make you work out more and show off your stylish new shoes.

If you need some more help finding your right shoe, this Spring 2014 Shoe Guide is a great place to start.


Photo: Josiah Mackenzie

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