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Blogging Insurance

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Over the past few weeks we have been reviewing blogging insurance and where coverage exists.

Personal Blogs – Sometimes personal blogging and social media can be covered by a homeowners policy, under special endorsements, we have several companies in house that offer coverage for personal blogs and social media as long as the EXCLUSIONS do not Apply. We recommend you contact your home insurance agent to find out if this coverage exist for you, and what exclusions apply.

Business and Revenue Generated Blogs – First we recommend speaking to your insurance agent about your commercial insurance coverages if you are using a blog, twitter, facebook, or other social media sites in connection with any business or revenue generated activity you are involved with or are a part of. Another option you may want to explore is joining the Media Bloggers Association, Katie Allison Granju and Silence have discussed in the past. Below is some info on the association program, we have not reviewed the policy, nor have we contacted the association directly so we can not speak of coverage, but we have heard the following:

1. The Minimum premium and cost of membership should run around $500 – $600
2. An online course must be completed.

Marketing and PR Firms – BE CAREFUL! If you advise or lend advice to a company who is blogging or using social media, make sure you advise them to review their coverages, they may not have coverage for the activities you are leading them into….

We would expect as the years go by and the true liability is realized; insurance product and underwriting innovation will occur. For now, ASK, ASK, and ASK your insurance agent! This exposure is new, therefore the market will need to figure out the coverages, underwriting info, model, rating, loss history, and companies open to the idea of providing coverage.

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