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Bond, James Bond

License to kill? Exploding pens? Ejecting seats? 007 Special Agent James Bond may look awesome on the screen, but in real life, he would probably have a hard time finding insurance. Between car chases and getting shot at, Mr. Bond has a reputation for explosions. Skyfall doesn’t fall short of our expectations. But here’s the question I find myself asking. Is he insurable? Almost everything is insurable…for the right price.

We haven’t seen any fancy watches in the recent movies, possibly due to Q Branch being absent. But now that Q returns in this latest Bond movie, maybe we will see more of the little gadgets Bond gets set up with. Those watches, equipped with lasers to saws, could possibly be insured with an inland marine. Even Bond’s Walther PPK could be added to an inland marine policy. Now onto the beautiful Aston Martin DB5 that made its reappearance in this latest Bond movie. This classic car would undoubtedly be insured and hopefully, never see the damage and destruction the replica saw in Skyfall. Bond has a reputation for destroying cars. This could make getting auto insurance for him tricky, but not impossible.

Considering 007 has been shot as approximately 4,662 times since Dr. No in 1962, according to a fan, James Bond must have a difficult time getting health or life insurance. He is constantly getting shot at, beat up, and getting into sword fights. But still, most anything can be insured for the right price…including an MI6 Special Agent James Bond. Which considering the line of work he is in, MI6 must have an incredible worker’s compensation policy to employ all the Special Agents working for them.

This year marks the 50 year anniversary of the James Bond movies, which started in 1962 with Sean Connery in Dr. No. We give many thanks to the creative mind of writer Ian Fleming for creating such an iconic role.

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