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Book Review Crush It

Crush it

It’s so simple, do you Care.  One of the best marketing books I have ever read really hit home (my home is Knoxville, TN)  with me and caused me to ponder how simple the insurance business is.

On page 102 of  “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk reads the word Care and his email address.  That is it, nothing more, nothing less…simple.  This statement or call to action is the key to hard work.  If you care you will help, and how well you help is really equal to how much you care.

How much does your insurance agent care?  Is your insurance agent accessible, does he answer your phone calls in a timely matter, how about answers to coverage question or quotes, are certificates of insurance processed when expected, auto id cards, etc…   My point is this, maybe service is really as simple as caring.

Thank you Gary Vaynerchuk, I recommend your book to anyone trying to figure out what their passion is and what this interwebz…thing is all about

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