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Boutique Hotels Here to Stay

It seems the trend of Boutique Hotels is actually here to stay. The history of this class of  hospitality business is quite amazing. The attention to detail, unique characteristics, and decor partnered with the history and date constructed lead us to an experience versus just a place to stay for the night. The insurance for a boutique hotel versus a chain property or motel differs as well. Here are a few unique boutique hotel insurance coverages we see often:

  1. Buildings built early 1900s can be hard to insure.
  2. Builders Risk insurance for Renovations.
  3. Inland Marine insurance for art.
  4. Liquor Liability for lobby bar.
  5. Coverage for product liability (food poising).
  6. Spoilage for food
  7. Business Income Loss
  8. Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage for Valet.
  9. Employers Practices Liability for Employees.
  10. Data Breach Coverage.
  11. Pools with and without life guards.
  12. Workers’ Compensation
  13. Personal Property of Others
  14. Employee Dishonesty


Photo: Unique Hotels

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