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Camping: Cooler Tips

Roughing it
Creative Commons License photo credit: Robbie1

Despite the recent hail storm occurring this past Sunday in West Knoxville, warm weather is upon us! Finally! Here are some tips for keeping the ice last longer!

1) Have a couple coolers; one for food, one for drinks, and one for freezer (if needed).

2) Keep coolers in the shade (see example photo above). If it is really hot out, cover with tarp or blanket.

3) Store coolers in your car at night, just like all food to not attract wild animals like bears.

4) Drain water out of coolers at least once a day to preserve ice as well as for sanitary reasons.

A good tip to consider before buying lots of ice is to use empty gallon (or half gallon) jugs as ice. Fill the empty jugs with water and freeze. This will not only save money on ice, but as the ice melts, it gives you water to drink!

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