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Current Danger

river surrounded by trees
Photo by Laura

With all the rainfall lately, the water levels have risen. What does this mean for tubers, rafters, and swimmers? It means be very careful of the current. The photo above doesn’t show what the current was like last Friday at the “Y” in the Great Smoky Mountains. Once you get in, the current actually pulls you up river and deeper towards the swift current. Once out there, the water is moving fast. This is different from a lake because there isn’t an undertow; instead the entire river has a strong current from top to bottom. It actually feels like the water is pulling you under. When currents get this strong it can be deadly even for strong swimmers.  The best thing to do if that does happen “is to put your back up and float, and try to make it to shore.” And don’t panic! I know that is easier said that done, but when you fight the current you are using up all your energy. Try and keep calm enough to make it to shore.

Photo by Laura

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