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Dave Sanderson from Miracle on the Hudson to Speak in Knoxville

We are excited to support Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) of East Tennessee in spreading their leadership and teamwork message. At 4:30 on January 21, 2014 Dave Sanderson, a survivor from Flight 1549 “The Miracle on the Hudson,” will be speaking about the “Flight Plan towards your Inner Hero.” Dave was the last person off of the back of the plane that day, his story, see below for more info:

This event will take place on The University of Tennessee’s Campus at the Haslam Business Building. There are only a few tickets left, you may purchase here.

Dave’s Message to Entrepreneurs

Teamwork – I share throughout my experience how 155 people who didn’t know each other pulled together with a common outcome and executed, each to their own strengths.

Leadership –  I share not only what Sully did but where there were leaders throughout the plane and experience that stepped up, gave appropriate direction and leadership at the right times. No one knew who the leaders were but in times of crisis, people radiate to those with certainty and that is a key trait to leadership,  giving certainty to team members who may need focus and certainty on the outcome.

Resourcefulness – I speak about a key lesson learned and realized during the experience that is it’s not about the resources you have, it’s about what you do with the limited resources you do have. I relate the entrepreneur experience about starting a business with perceived limited resources and optimizing on those  resources to build a successful business.

Managing  your mind through crisis – (better known as state management) I speak about how no one lost their heads during the experience and how that message was shared on a TV show I was on which impacted youth and others across the world. Managing through tough times is more mental, asking yourself a better question of not “why” but “how” do I?

Awareness – I speak about how I was initially not aware of what happened but through awareness, made my focus on the outcome and helping others to achieve the outcome.

Power of faith – Not only spiritually but faith that it will work out if I manage my mind correctly, focus on the outcome, and leading and being a servant leader when necessary, sometimes stepping back and letting others do what they do best will contribute to the outcome.

“Right people on the bus” – I speak to the passenger make up of the plane and how that made all the difference in the outcome.

“The passenger perspective” – You may have heard Captain Sullenberger or Skiles view from the cockpit.  I’ll share a perspective from the “other side of the plane” and how it was driven by passengers, not crew (equates to operations made successful by boots on the ground instead of mgt).

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