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Deep Fried Turkey Dangers

chicken on tray

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for defrosting turkeys and preparing a beautiful meal for family and friends as the parade marches on in the background. Also, it is time to read up on how to deep fry a turkey correctly. As I’m sure everyone knows, deep frying can be dangerous and it is important to know how to cook the turkey safely for everyone involved.

Remember to place the fryer away from flammable objects. Do not deep fry your turkey inside the house, on a wooden deck, or in the garage. Please make sure the ground is level and the fryer is securely placed on the ground. Because remember in chemistry class when we learned that oil and water do not mix? Do not overfill the fryer. When the turkey goes into it, the oil can spill over. If that happens, the oil comes into contact with the flame and a fire can ignite. Also, make sure the turkey is completely thawed before putting it into the oil. A frozen turkey will cause steam and water to connect with the oil. If that happens, the oil can spill over. Remember, if a fire does happen to start, never use water to extinguish it! Water will only spread the fire and cause more damage.

As my mom always says: “Safety first!” Please have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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