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Dieting Sweeps Through John Bailey Co. Office

Creative Commons License photo credit: ReneS

There has been a domino dieting effect here at the JBC office. It began with just 1-2 of my co-workers starting for their new years resolution. It has now officially taken over. Here are a few examples:

-Usually on someone’s birthday we will order in Chinese food. For the last JBC agent’s birthday, we got turkey sandwiches and fruit from Kroger.

-Another is how we have Panera Bread bagels every Friday for breakfast, for all 8 of us. We are now down to two bagels.

-Wayne Johnson, our vice president, orders low-fat salad dressing from NBC’s the Biggest Loser by the case! I did give in on that, and chipped in on a bottle for myself.

I must admit, pounds are being shed rapidly here at the office

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