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Disappointed about the AAFL?

AAFL - Timed agility test
Creative Commons License photo credit: ▌ÇP▐

Due to lack of funding the All-American Football League has now been postponed to the Spring of 2009. Who out there is disappointed about this? I for one am floored by the financial decision making. I watched the AAFL draft back in January and I could definitely tell they were trying to cut costs (the draft was broadcasted on CSS, and it looked like it was filmed in 1987).

I for one do not see donors investing their money next year in a league that got delayed before the first coin toss. I know seeing Tee Martin going head to head with Chris Leak(the last 2 national championship QB’s for Tennessee and Florida) intrigues us all but I’m going to stick to the Arena Football League this time of year.

Author: Joe Morelock

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