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Is Your Doctor in Your Network?

Getting a call from a debt collector is not a phone call anyone likes to take. The presumption is that this debt is owed, therefore you must pay.  This includes doctor and hospital bills.  These debts can affect your credit score and possibly affect  your ability to buy anything on credit.

Occasionally, doctors office billing departments may bill an office visit or procedure incorrectly, OR you may have gone to a doctor that is NOT in your network.

When you choose a health plan, no matter what insurance company, be sure to check and make sure your doctor or specialist is in your provider network by doing the following: Request a Provider Directory (this is a list of doctors and specialists in your network), or are able to view your provider list online (most Health Insurance Companies have this capability)

By finding a network doctor or specialist in your network, you may avoid receiving bills for Out of Network providers.  If you have any doubt, double check with the doctor’s billing department to make sure they take your Health Insurance Network.

Remember, it is much easier to avoid a bill by doing this, versus receiving a bill and trying to get it credited-after the fact.

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