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Ease Parking Headaches

Parking can be impossible especially when you are late for class. Follow these tips to ease your parking headaches.

1.  Take morning classes, the earlier the better. Yes, I am serious.  No one wants to take 8 a.m. classes, but less people on campus means better parking spots for you.

2.  Block your classes as much as possible.  If you start at 8 a.m. and block three classes together, you are done by 11 or 12.  Think of all the possible things you could do with your free time.

3.  Less traffic=less headaches.  To avoid congestion, know when the class before yours ends.  If you time it right, you can be parked and walking to class without thousands of people surrounding you.

4.  If you can’t make it to your car fast enough and hate being stuck in traffic, wait around until 10 minutes after the next class starts.  You’d be amazed at how empty the campus will feel once class starts again.

Photo: John Greenfield

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