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Empire Records – and insurance coverage?

I saw the movie Empire Records come across the digital cable screen last week at my home in Old North Knoxville and decided to DVR it. You know when you just feel like going back to the mid 90s for a good reminder of your childhood?

This one’s a classic with superb 90s soundtrack, a terrible fake pop star (who I believe was named Rex Manning?), and quite a few random characters in between.  What really ignited me to post about this was the following plot to the story.

Hipster employee Lucas decides to hijack a $9,000 Empire cash deposit, go to Atlantic City, and blow it all at the casino.  What he does not know is that Joe the record store manager is planning on purchasing into ownership of the business.  The Lucas blunder keeps him from doing so.  Then the 27 year old insurance side of me (not the 14 year old Bearden Middle 8th grader) kicks in and thinks – “most commercial insurance policies we sell would protect our clients from idiots like Lucas with employee dishonesty coverage”.  If John Bailey Company only wrote the commercial general liability policy for Empire Records, then Joe could still save the day from the evil Musictown franchise buying Empire Records.

But then again if we did – their wouldn’t be 1 more outstanding 90s movie to flashback on.

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