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Facebook is the Best Insurance Tool too!

Progression on Facebook just took a huge turn. Facebook timeline is becoming mandatory.  This is a huge game changer for evaluating risk and insurance claims. And yes, as a concerned consumer, this means reviewing your facebook…aka spying on you and your business if you have a fan page.

The insurance world is changing..Are insurance companies allowing access to the best underwriting tool ever? I’m under the impression the old guard is blocking its employees from the truest form of binoculars in underwriting history…

What would really be rad is if someone invented a software that aggregate social sites, allowing the user to search for underwriting content.  As an underwriter pictures tell many stories, so do statements about companies, and status updates for individuals… Below are examples of Facebook uses in the insurance industry:

  1. Reviewing buildings, equipment, employees, products, manufacturing, selling, customers, management, and culture.
  2. Personal Auto and Homeowners – Pictures of their cars and home, everyday behavior of the individual applying for insurance.
  3. Health Insurance – Do they drink or smoke, are they healthy, do they exercise, how do they eat?
  4. Life Insurance – Do they skydive, drink, smoke, what is their lifestyle like?
  5. Claims – Is there a witness to the claim that is being reviewed, are their pictures or status updates that help with the claims process.

If you are a software developer and you have the knowledge to create this tool, let me know if I can be of service.  On the other hand, all social users, your life online can hurt you – Be aware and be smart.

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