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Fantasy football kickoff post

Super Bowl XLIV Wallpaper
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Hello, I’m Joe Morelock aka The Fizzle. I’m from Knoxville, TN and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to fantasy football………..and insurance. I’m going to start off this season with the underrated/overrated players at each position. Preseason rankings are credited to the best fantasy football site out there: Yahoo! Sports

Quarterback –
Overrated – Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears – position preseason ranking #10 – Jay Cutler does not belong in the top 10 of QBs. I even question the top 20. This is a joke. He is an interception machine, has no marquee receivers, and plays in the Windy City. Avoid Jay Cutler all together if you can still help it.

Underrated – Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals – position preseason ranking #16 (are you kidding me?). Now that the USC faithful won’t have any bowl game to look forward to, and Los Angeles does not have an NFL franchise; the football fans in Hollywood are going to be pulling for their PROVEN Heisman trophy winner come January (unproven: see Matt Leinart & Reggie Bush – and trust me I hate giving USC fans something to look forward to). Carson Palmer’s going to lead his team into being playoff contenders this year – and he’s going to have the stats to please any fantasy owner who got a steal on him after the 3rd round.

Wide Receiver –
Overrated – Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – position preseason ranking #3 – I hate to say it because Reggie’s been money for me in prior seasons. But now that the captain of fantasy consistency Peyton Manning has the young guns WRs in Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, and Anthony Gonzalez – ol Reggie’s going to a take a fantasy decline. It happened to Marvin Harrison, and it’s going to happen to him. He turns 32 this year; and Peyton’s got some more, young options. He’ll still be a productive team player for the Colts – but not a top 3 fantasy WR.

Underrated – Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – position preseason ranking #21 – I know what Yahoo! was thinking here. Migraine headaches. Well, it seemed that every time Percy sat out of a practice last year due to these migraines, he turned on the swagger for game time. You know what I say? Bring on those migraine’s Percy because I’m starting you every game again this year – and you’re going to be money.

Runningback –

Overrated – Ryan Matthews – San Diego Chargers – position preseason ranking #7 – Who is this guy? I had never heard of him until I started checking out mock drafts this summer. Did people just magically forget that San Diego has been a pass happy offense the past 3 years and how unhappy that made future Hall of Famer LT? Now all of a sudden some rookie out of Fresno State’s going to come in and light it up this year? Nope, not going to happen.

Underrated – Matt Forte – Chicago Bears – position preseason ranking #27 – Attention all fantasy football players: Sleeper pick of the year. I was furious when I waited too long to get Forte in my 2 drafts. He had an awesome rookie year. He did not get too many looks last year because Jay Cutler was too busy throwing interceptions while playing from behind. Well Forte’s back and not going to be sharing nearly as many carries as some of the RBs ranked ahead of him (see Marion Barber, Ronnie Brown, Arian Foster). Forte has been available as late as round 8 or 9 in some cases. Ridiculous.

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