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Fantasy football week 1 in review

Creative Commons License photo credit: jcestnik

Went 1-1 in my fantasy leagues this week. Is it just me or were there a lot of defensive battles? Maybe it was just with the teams my players were playing on. I have a few suggestions to make for our fantasy owners here on John Bailey Company blog.

Suprise of the week: Arian Foster. Where was this type of running when he was suiting up in Knoxville for the Vols? After watching him play in Neyland for 4 years I have never seen him hit holes like that before. Plenty of fantasy owners out there kicking themselves for not starting him with his 66% start rate on Yahoo. I have 1 piece of advice to these owners: TRADE ARIAN FOSTER. He will not be putting up those kind of numbers on a regular basis. The Colts were dead last in the NFL last year in rushing yards allowed per game. You can get some good value for Arian Foster. So find where the holes are on your team and start shopping him. Someone in your league is bound to jump on the bandwagon. Buy low and sell high.

Waiver Wire: I’d go ahead and look into picking up Eddie Royal of the Denver Broncos who seemed to get lots of looks from Kyle Orton this week. Keep your eye on rookie Dexter McCluster of Kansas City. Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis will be trying to get him the ball plenty this year; and he had a huge return last night in the pouring rain against the Chargers. And if you’re desperate for a RB plug in player – give Fred Taylor of New England a shot.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I still stand by my Jay Cutler being overrated statement last week. He was playing the Detroit Lions, yes the Detroit Lions.

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