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No Four-Wheel Drive? No Problem.

If you are lucky enough like me to NOT have four-wheel drive on these wonderful snow days, follow these tips to make sure snow days don’t turn into disaster days.

1.  Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t go faster than you feel comfortable going.

2.  Cat litter is your best friend. Pour some around your tires to provide extra traction when getting your car out of the snow.

3.  As a last resort, you can pour salt around your tires to melt the ice. Rock salt is better, but table salt will do the trick if you use a lot of it.

4.  Black ice is real.  The roads may look clear, but be aware of the click iced over dangerous spots.

5.  Remember: “If you’re wipers are going, you’re lights are glowing.”  The saying applies to rain AND snow. Your lights will help avoid accidents and approve visibility for both you and your fellow drivers.

Overall, stay calm and in control.  Freaking out because you don’t have four-wheel drive will just cause more problems.  So whether you are going to class or driving up a mountain, remember to keep calm and drive on.

Photo: Victor van der Horst

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