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Fuel Saving Tips

Never Fear!
Creative Commons License photo credit: swanksalot

You’re driving down I-40 on your way home from work. Traffic is bumper to bumper due to the current Interstate construction taking place in Knoxville, Tennessee. Your $50-$60 fill up of gas is continuing to burn with your car barely even moving. We have all been in this situation before, what can we do about it?

Click Here to read about certain fuel saving tips that can apply to everyone. It has great tips such as routing out your errands, and keeping the air in your tires filled up. I just recently found out that replacing the air filter in my car could save gas mileage. They also discuss certain car models that are offered as hybrids. Ironically enough some of these vehicles are listed in the article below and considered “safe” by car insurance companies. With certain vehicles you can save money on gas, your auto insurance, and help out the environment as well.

The fuel crisis on our hands is definitely a problem, but certain adjustments can be made to our benefit.

Author: Joe Morelock

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