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Goin to College

Creative Commons License photo credit: rrix

Seems like just last week I was moving into Reese Hall, awaiting an 8-5 season with Casey Clausen at Quarterback, and loading up on random stuff with my bonus bucks in the presidential courtyard’s facilities (it was actually in 2002)

I’d like to offer a few pieces of advice to this year’s enrolling students at University of Tennessee:

1. Go to class: It’s extremely easy to skip class when no one is forcing you to get up. If you do, you’ll start with a weak GPA and be digging yourself out of a hole for the rest of college. (I know first hand)
2. Spread your wings: Go check out some different organizations; you can go through rush or check out some different campus ministry organizations. There’s all kinds of ways for you to find community with people who share common interests/passions – so go do it. (especially those of you who grew up in Knoxville)
3. Enjoy it: It’s likely you will never experience again a stage in life with the such an enormous amount of freedom partnered with a minimal amount of responsibility while in college. So don’t let yourself get bogged down by stress; but have fun (while you keep the grades in check).

And here’s a little blurb on coverage for property in your dorm room

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