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What The Heck is a Formulary?

What the heck IS a Formulary?

Chances are, if you see a doctor for an existing condition, you are prescribed some type of medication(s).

Pharmaceutical Companies work in-hand with Doctors to market their products(medications).  The pharmaceutical representatives market their medications to the doctors, generally via direct sales, and inform the doctors of the medications features and benefits, product use and side-effects. They will typically deliver sample medications to the doctors to give to patients.

Each Insurance Company will decide which medications it will cover for certain health plans.  This is very important when deciding on Health Insurance Coverage, if you are prescribed a medication.

The Formulary is the list of each medication a Health Insurance Company will cover under a copay or co-insurance under that particular health plan.

When choosing a health plan, it is very important to check and make sure your medications are covered prior to purchasing any plan.  This may be the single most important aspect of choosing a plan.

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