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Home Investment Insurance Agency

Nissan 350Z | Lamar and 25th-ish
Creative Commons License photo credit: That Other Paper

John Bailey Company is fortunate enough to own another insurance agency, which is operated in house at our 1011 N. Broadway office. In fact, Home Investment Insurance Agency was the first Knoxville insurance agency John Clarke owned (1987 purchase date). He purchased John Bailey Company in 1997. At that time he decided to push the agencies in 2 separate directions. Home Investment became the high-risk auto and homeowners market, while John Bailey Company would represent the mainstream Knoxville insurance agency. We believe in stable growth, so having our eggs in several baskets made sense. Home Investment Insurance agency has opened our eyes, while the service work can be intense the business allows us to access 10 auto insurance carriers and those relationships continue to provide further stability in the success of our Knoxville independent insurance agency. Joe Morelock is the account executive that manages Home Investment Insurance. He also serves as an insurance agent for John Bailey Company and has become a huge asset to the daily operations. The companies Home Investment represents include the following:

Alfa Vision

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