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How to MERGE Correctly

Yesterday morning, I watched an accident happen on the way to work. A car just stopped on the interstate to move over into a different lane. This caused an accident with the two cars behind it. This got me thinking on the proper way to merge onto oncoming traffic. Although it seems like common sense and every driver should know how to properly merge, this may not be the case.

Step 1: Your speed needs to match the same speed as the traffic you are merging with on the highway.

Step 2: As always, maintain a safe distance from the cars in the ramp/merge lane in front of you. (Here is a video of a Driver causing an accident by stopping on acceleration ramp)

Step 3: Turn signal! This lets other drivers know you are merging. (This is a great tool to let other drivers know when you are changing lanes or even turning!)

Step 4: Quickly and carefully, check your mirrors and blind spot for cars as well as making sure no one is slowing or stopped in front of you (as the video above shows can happen). Determine if you have room to merge; you may have to speed up or slow down until ample space is available.

Step 5: Gradually merge into the lane and maintain your speed, which should be the same speed as the other cars in your lane.

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