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How to Put up a Tarp

clothes hanging under white tent

Photo by Toby Wong on Unsplash

Tarps can be great when camping. Not only does it keep the rain off, but it also provides shade when the sun is shining down. What you will need is plenty of rope and a good sized tarp depending on the camping area and how much of the site you want it to cover. To keep the tarp from drooping in the middle you want to:

1. Find a couple trees the right distance apart; throw the rope over a limb about 12 feet up before walking the rope around the tree tightly a couple times. Then tie the rope to either a branch or itself. You want to make sure the rope is secure enough to keep up the tarp against wind.

2. Throw the other end of the rope up over another limb on the other tree, but don’t tie it yet. You will want to put the tarp over the rope so it is centered before securing the tarp through the center eyelid to the rope.

3. Next, lift the tarp tight before wrapping the rope around the tree and tie as you did before.

4. Finally, tie a rope to each corner eyelid of the tarp and either stake the rope to the ground about seven feet away or tie to another tree. With camping, it is always smart to use whatever available on hand.

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