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JAOPRO Client Profile

There is nothing like being a part of something so strong and passionate that the pure joy of being in the room stands your hair on end. JAOPRO in Knoxville, TN is one of those clients. When you eat, breathe, and sleep your passion it shines and inspires others. JAOPRO is the brainchild of Alex Oliver a young driven entrepreneur who caught the creative brand and advertising bug at a very young age. Focusing on “content-first” we appreciate the fact that he wants to impact his employees, clients, and the outside world.

The story telling continues as JAOPRO releases Voyage, a short film due to arrive in the spring is about a month long boat trip from Knoxville, TN to the Gulf in Mobile, AL. The below link is the trailer, which gives us a glimpse of the journey. Cell Phones were locked up no interferences from the outside world just the purity of open water, friends, the elements, and the ride.

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