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John Bailey Company Insurance Mobile App

If one visits our John Bailey Company Insurance website, then you know we provide a number of ways to contact us, that is, to stay in touch. For example, you can:

And late last year, we welcomed our present and future clients to our John Bailey Company Insurance Mobile App!

A bit about technology…

For sure, some will question why our team offers so many ways to stay in touch. The bottom line is convenience. American essayist Nancy Gibbs sums it up so:

“Americans are grateful for the connection and convenience their phones provide, helping them search for a lower price, navigate a strange city, expand a customer base or track their health and finances, their family and friends.”

And for the last half-dozen years or more, many people have wondered about “apps.” Clever advertisements have exclaimed: “We’ve got an App for that!” In computer language, an app is simply shorthand for an application downloaded by a user to their mobile device.

So why does John Bailey Company Insurance offer a free mobile app?

Well, here’s what our clients discover they can do with our app:

  • Take care of insurance changes and updates anywhere, anytime
  • Store ID Cards or view updated Cards with a quick link to your insurance carrier
  • Make payment, check your bill
  • Submit claims with photos, GPS, voice notes and more
  • Emergency tools at your fingertips
  • Quick and easy Contact with our office, call, Email and find us
  • Stay updated with notification from our office

Think about having these features at your fingertips, via your iPhone, iPad or Android. Not necessary, you may say? Well, you might reconsider why, when you contemplate the 2017 hurricane season that has impacted so many whose homes, automobiles, businesses or financial records have been destroyed by mother nature…and then there are those who have been affected by deadly and destructive wildfires. It stands to reason that such apps have been a welcome and timely tool allowing claimants to work with their agents and insurance companies.

How to download the John Bailey Company Insurance Mobile app

If you are an experienced app user, then you know about QR Scanners and you are familiar with App Stores provided on your iPhone, iPad or Android. But if you are an APP novice, here are a few steps to take.

  1. On your mobile device, go to your APP Store. Search for John Bailey Company. When the results are displayed, click on the word “Get.” Then click on the word “install.”
  2. Or on your mobile device, go to your App Store and search for a QR Reader or Scanner app. These are designed for your phones to read QR codes. You’ve probably seen these codes on other websites, in newspaper ads or on the door of your favorite retail stores and restaurants.
  3. Once you have your QR Reader, simply click on your QR Reader icon and hold it up to the QR Code, your device will make a clicking sound much like taking a photo. Here’s our QR Code.QRiPhone-AndroidJohnBailey
  4. The QR Reader will allow you to get our Free Mobile App.

Remember, if you want to take a tour of how our app works, then visit our website mobile app page and click on the iPhone for a quick online tour.

Some final thoughts…

Recently, we came across an observation offered by Brad Smith, president, chief executive officer and chairman of Intuit, Inc.:

“Millennials, and the generations that follow, are shaping technology. This generation has grown up with computing in the palm of their hands. They are more socially and globally connected through mobile Internet devices than any prior generation. And they don’t question; they just learn.”

While Mr. Smith’s sentiments may be thought provoking, we would caution our clients to learn and ask questions. For example, make sure that the law in your state allows drivers the ability to use a phone app to prove vehicle insurance identification (as opposed to digging through your glove compartment for your insurance ID). As late as March 2017, only 48 states (holdouts included Connecticut and New Mexico) allow for drivers to show their insurance card on a cell phone; however, remember your travels could take you to CT or NM.

We encourage our present and future clients to add our mobile app to their “virtual tool box.” It could be a lifesaver. But always, feel comfortable to reach out the old-fashioned way to your John Bailey Insurance team, we have a proud past and offer a bright future.

Question or Comment?

Got a question or a comment? Drop us a line, and we’ll get back with you shortly. Dial (865) 524-0785, or use this form: