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Tired of losing your staff?

When it comes to getting a paycheck versus unemployment benefits, businesses like yours are at a disadvantage.
We work with you to flip the employment equation in your favor.

We get it. In today’s pandemic/post-pandemic economy, keeping your service staff is hard when you’re competing against government unemployment benefits. It’s often more profitable for your staff to go on unemployment rather than keep working for you.

At John Bailey Company, we help businesses like yours put together affordable benefits packages that incentivize your employees to stay on staff rather than quit for government handouts.

Schedule a FREE consultation with us today so we can discuss your business and develop a plan for keeping your employees off of government subsistence and working for you.

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Talk with us today to find out how affordable it can be for you to provide your employees a benefits package that keeps your them on the job:

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Since 1946, John Bailey Company has been insuring East Tennessee businesses. We provide extraordinary customer service by getting to know you and your business. Our strong relationships with our customers allow us to present our customers to multiple insurance providers and have them compete for your business. This means you get the best rates the market will allow.

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