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Keeping on top of bills – (ehhhh responsibility)

Problogger To do list
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ivan Walsh

I know keeping on top of bills and your to-do list is about as fun as walking across broken glass barefoot. Now that I’ve been a homeowner for a full year – I’m starting to feel even more of that weight. But at the same time – it doesn’t feel so bad, it’s good when a sense of notoriety and accomplishment felt right? I guess that answer would be on a case by case basis.

There’s several good reasons to keep on top of those to-do lists responsibilities. There’s the obvious reason; i.e. paying your bills on time is good for your credit.

Another one I will point out is when you’re moving your personal insurance over to John Bailey Company – give us about 2 weeks in advance to get the policy issued – and you can save up to 8% extra on your auto insurance. You can’t beat that when we’re already as competitive as it gets in Knoxville.

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