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Knoxville Auto Insurance: Volume 3

black vehicle on road

There are hundreds if not thousands of drivers on the road today who do not have insurance. Not minimum coverage but NO coverage. So what happens to you if you happen to get hit by one of these drivers?

This is exactly what happened to our John Bailey Company vice-president Brandon Clarke. One summer day a couple years ago he was driving down I-275 only to get rear ended by a driver who was uninsured. The other driver was ruled at fault.

This is where your uninsured motorists coverage comes in to play. If someone without insurance hits you or there is a hit and run on your car you simply file a Uninsured motorist (UM) claim.  Usually there is coverage which is subject to a deductible.

…….and this coverage is not just for the property damage to your vehicle, but can fall under bodily injury coverage in the event that the uninsured driver causes medical damage to the driver or a passenger in your car.

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