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Knoxville Fantasy football post of the week

Its been quite an unexpected first month of fantasy football. Certain players with very low expectations are in the top 10 of production and certain 1st rounders are not living up to their hype. Here’s a list of yahoo sports player rankings through week 4:

1. Arian Foster – projected at #45
2. Antonio Gates – projected at #42
3. Peyton Manning – projected at #20
4. Phillip Rivers – projected at #46
5. Rashard Mendenhall – projected at #11
6. Austin Collie – projected at #127
7. Darren McFadden – projected at #119
8. Jahvid Best – projected at #25
9. LeSean McCoy – projected at #31
10. Adrian Peterson – projected at #2

These flip flops of expectations are ridiculous. The biggest shocker has to be a toss up between Austin Collie and Darren McFadden coming in at respective 5 & 6 when they weren’t even projected to be in the top 100 preseason draft rankings. Talk about getting value late in your draft. Collie is now the #1 WR with almost 400 yards and 5 TDs. I’m also pretty shocked at Arian Foster, but most draft experts did have him on that 4-5 round level since he came out of training camp as the starter in Houston.

Also notice how their is no Drew Brees, and there are 3 RBs ahead of Adrian Peterson and none of them are named Chris Johnson. Oh and where does Ray Rice sit currently? At #94; he was The Fizzle’s first rounder in the league with high school buddies, awesome Ray Rice thanks.

It is still early in the season – thinks could and probably will change.

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