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Knoxville Health Insurance – An Inside Look

doctor holding red stethoscope

Had a meeting with a health insurance company rep. who gave me a few nuggets of inside info…

Takeaway thought: RX Copayments & Physician Office visit Copayments are to Health Insurance as Oil Change Copayments & Engine Tune up Copayments are to Car Insurance. If you utilize your car insurance your premium will go up… if you utilize it too much the company will drop you or force you into a very expensive high risk pool with reduced coverage. Good drivers are rewarded for Good driving and Bad drivers are incentivized to get better.

I had a routine checkup with my physician last week who gave me some insight into the name brand drug industry…

Takeaway thought: The drug industry frequently creates new drug compounds when a competing low cost generic drug is released. The new compound is patented, priced, and pitched to the physician along side free lunch for the entire staff. Example: The latest brand name cholesterol pill was a version of the older pill combined with an existing compound that reduces risk for heart disease. (2 seperate meds that have generic equivalents on the walmart/foodcity $4 drug list packaged together as 1 pill and sold at a monopolized price)

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