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Knoxville Health Insurance – Volume 3 – Get someone you trust to help understand your options

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photo credit: Aidan Jones

The key to finding someone you trust is seeing whether they really want to make a difference in our current healthcare system. It’s the difference between a sales person and an advisor/consultant. One is passionate about making money and the other is passionate about making a difference.

In the world of insurance a lot of people carry the title of “consultant”, but not a lot of people take on the fiduciary responsibilities associated with that title. This is where the whole “caring about making a difference” thing comes in. If I care about making a difference, then I care about knowing all the options.  If I know all the options, it will allow me to confidently explain them to the individuals and business owners who need to know the truth. This will allow them to make the best decision regarding their health insurance.

So how do you know if you can trust a consultant??? After speaking with one, if you still think there is no hope and no solution exists then there is a good chance you need to get a second opinion.

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