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National Insurance Awareness Day – June 28, 2019

Often when life happens, our first natural response is to pose the question, “Do they have insurance?” Consider an unexpected illness, an automobile accident, workplace injury, a weather event, a house fire, a sudden death or an unforeseen business loss. If there is an insurance policy, each of these life events can be managed more efficiently and with less stress. Today the John Bailey Company team would like to share National Insurance Awareness Day – June 28, 2019 – with our current and future clients.

Yes, there is an Awareness Day for that!

Sometimes one can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of awareness days or months. It seems there is a day for everything! If you Google the phrase “awareness day,” within 65 seconds Google will present 607 million search results! Proudly, the John Bailey Company’s Insure A Great Life blog often features such days or months:

May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month
Distracted Driving Awareness Month “Just Drive”
National Ergonomics Month
Life Insurance Awareness Month
National Safety Month

So, let’s learn a bit more about National Insurance Awareness Day.

Understanding this Awareness Day

Regarding National Insurance Awareness Day, there are two facts to consider. First, it is always observed on June 28th. Second, the origin or creator of National Insurance Awareness Day remains unverified. As National Today stated:

“While the origin of this day is a mystery, what’s widely known is how important insurance is in many aspects of our lives. From car insurance, to life insurance, to home insurance and more, these policies offer a layer of protection to guard us from feeling the harshest of blows by unfortunate events.”

Consumers are advised to mark National Insurance Awareness Day as follows:
1. Organize your insurance policies. Have a binder for hard copies and a folder on your desktop for your soft copies.
2. Review your policies and coverage lines. Jot down questions that you have for your insurance agent.
3. Call your agent and plan an appointment to review your current status.
4. Ask for advice regarding policy limits. Are yours too high or too low?
5. Seek ways to lower your premiums. For example, will your premiums be adjusted if you take a defensive driving course or install a home security system?

Business owners and managers can take similar steps, focusing on commercial lines.

In closing: can you imagine a world without insurance?

The Insurance Information Institute (III) would like consumers and business owners alike to understand “How Insurance Supports the Economy.” The III has gathered the facts on how the insurance industry plays a key role in the economy of each state. Here’s a quick view of the insurance industry’s contribution to our own state of Tennessee.

Perhaps a more insightful way to observe National Insurance Awareness Day is to watch III’s short film A World Without Insurance: How Insurance Powers the Economy.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

Mark your calendar to call your insurance agent on June 28th. Wish your agent a happy National Insurance Awareness Day and make an appointment to discuss new ways to insure a great life. Yours!

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