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NCAA athlete insurance protects potential injury

Yep you can insure some random things – including body parts if you’re a talented athlete with potential to make millions of dollars. The following SEC athletes better be sure they have NCAA insurance:

Mike Pouncey – Florida – OG

Jerrell Powe – Ole Miss – DT

Terrence Toliver – LSU – WR

Clint Boling – UGA – OT

Lee Ziemba – Auburn – OT

(as a resident of Knoxville/Tennessee alum I apologize for no Tennessee players – just attempting to be realistic in football facts and the Vols are rebuilding)

An interesting thing to point out is that an athlete will not receive coverage if the injury is caused by intoxication. Something tells me this wasn’t a concern for Tim Tebow last year; before he had this awesome haircut (picture taken by teammate Lendale White).

Oh and the NCAA insurance program has been extended through August 2013.

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