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Need AMS 360 Help?

We have been using the Insurance Agency Management System AMS360 for 2 years and everyday we learn something new. Many times there are questions that we can’t answer and many times there are things we think we should be doing more efficiently. In the past, Vertafore hasn’t really been great at helping us, and the User’s Group is a nice way to learn things and ask questions, but we really needed someone on our time. So I reached out to an insurance agent friend of mine Nibby Priest and asked him if he recommends a AMS360 Consultant.

He shot a tweet back to me and we talked for a little bit. His recommendation was Alisa Sutman from Sutman Consulting and she has been fantastic! Infact, she has made us more efficient, smarter, and confident…she has changed our business model.

If your insurance agency is looking for help with AMS360, give her a call. If you have questions about her service, feel free to contact me at

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