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Patagonia Worth the Price?

With snow and colder temperatures  in the forecast, I found myself happy as I walked to class today in my warm Patagonia pullover.  But when I realized all the things I could have bought instead of my fashionable gray and teal jacket, I felt sick.  The $100 I spent on my warm jacket could have gotten me 100 things off the dollar menu at McDonald’s or 100 microwavable meals (yes, this is how poor college students think).

Then, I questioned my reasoning behind buying the jacket.  Did I buy it because my $25 Columbia jacket wasn’t warm enough? Or did I buy it because Patagonia is a more fashionable outerwear brand? In the end, I realized I bought it for the status, but I did some research on my investment.  Was my Patagonia worth the price?

Yes,  my Patagonia was worth the $100 I spent, thank goodness.  My jacket is made of 100% polyester, double-sided recycled fleece.  The material is quick drying,  lightweight and great for layering. The popped up collar and the Spandex bond hem and cuffs help the warm stay in and the cold out.

Thankfully, Patagonia was worth it to me.  Now when I am walking to class, I don’t think about the $100 dollars I spent, I am just  happy to be warm.

Photo: Hajime Nakano

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