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Phone Scam

black rotary dial phone on white surface

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Last week we had a client call about a voicemail they received concerning their Health Insurance Company. Although the message left said they were calling from their health insurance, the caller ID stated something different. The message gave them a phone number (also different from the caller ID) to call back with their own person identification code.

Instead of calling the number, they called the number on the back of their health insurance card. It turns out it was a scam. Thankfully our client did not call the number left on the answering machine and give out their personal information. The health insurance company representative confirmed that this was not someone from them and our client did the right thing by not calling the number.

There is identity theft coverage you can ADD to your homeowners policy. Different insurance companies may vary, but this can give you a little protection. For example, it may pay for new government IDs, a certain amount of lost wages, and attorneys’ fees to name a few. It does not, however, cover your credit score. Check with your independent insurance agent about what it can cover if you are interested in adding identity theft to your homeowners policy.

Please keep this in mind before giving out any personal information over the phone! The representative said there were other people calling in with similar situations.

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