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Prevent Insurance Claims with These Home Improvements

Are you like many Knoxville homeowners who started summer with a lengthy home improvement list? It’s now mid-summer, and chances are you have only tackled a fraction of the projects you set out to complete. A great way to set home improvement priorities is to look at projects from an insurance perspective. If you identify and correct potential problems now, you will prevent inconvenient damage later and safeguard yourself from costly insurance claims.

Leading Causes of Homeowner Insurance Claims

Wind & Hail: You can’t avoid catastrophic events like heavy thunderstorms and hail, but you can minimize the damage done with some practical maintenance.

  • Keep debris and leaves cleaned out of gutters and downspouts.
  • Check flashing at roof edges and around chimneys.
  • Make sure drainage is routed away from foundations.
  • Trim tree branches that overhang your house.

Water & Freezing Temperatures: As summer gives way to fall, routine maintenance on your cooling and heating systems is a must. It is also a great time to inspect plumbing and drainage. Look for signs of mold or mildew and old pipes that may be cracked or leaking. Also, take note of cracks or seepage in basements and foundations. As cold weather approaches, take time to properly winterize air conditioners and pool equipment.

Fire: Most home fire risk can be eliminated with some common-sense maintenance and mitigation.

  • Schedule an electrical inspection, especially if your summer projects include installing an air conditioner or expanding your living space.
  • Clean lint and debris from dryer vents.
  • Make sure BBQ’s and fire pits are a safe distance from overhanging roofs, and never leave them unattended.
  • Hire a contractor to clean creosote from your chimney.
  • If you live in a potential wildfire area, participate in Firewise mitigation to clear brush from around your home.

Theft & Liability: Adding deadbolts to entryway doors is a simple project that can save you money on your homeowner’s policy. Check with your agent for other security discounts that might be available—including a home security system or fence around your backyard pool. To prevent accidents and keep your family and guests safe, repair these hazards in your outdoor spaces:

  • Loose stair & deck railings
  • Warped or loose steps & porch boards
  • Cracked & uneven walks & patios

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