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Resort Risk Management: 5 Tips for Keeping Guests Safe 

As a resort owner and operator, you know it’s important to keep your facilities up-to-date. Periodically remodeling bathrooms, installing new landscaping and optimizing your website are all par for the course in resort maintenance and management.

But, have you considered upgrading your security measures too? Keeping your guests safe and secure while they are on your property represents one of the most important services that you can offer. And, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can improve the safety of your resort guests by simply adopting a few security measures.

Here are a few ways you can help protect your guests and mitigate your financial risk at the same time.

5 Strategies to Boost Security at Your Resort Property

(1) Protect entry and exit doors. The main entrances of your facility should be monitored by staff at all hours of the day. Never leave points of entry unattended. If a staff member has to step away from their post momentarily, ensure that the door is locked and can only be opened with keycard access by guests.

(2) Safeguard room keys. Room keycards should only be activated when guests arrive and deactivated when they leave. If a guest loses their card and requests a new one, ensure that staff members ask for a photo ID before providing a replacement.

(3) Lean on your people. Your staff are the eyes and ears of your establishment. With their help, you can improve the safety of your facility. Given that, invest in your employees. Host regular guest safety training seminars and help them learn how to spot and report suspicious behavior.

(4) Educate your guests. Even if you invest money in upgrading security features, they are only valuable if they are used. Given that, remind guests about the importance of locking their rooms, placing valuables in their room safe and not disclosing their room number to strangers.

(5) Monitor parking lots, sidewalks, foyers and busy hallways. If you haven’t already, consider installing security cameras in the busiest areas of your facility. The visible presence of cameras can deter a potential criminal and help solve a crime in the event that one occurs. Common areas should be clean, well-lit and closely monitored.

Comprehensive Resort Insurance: Protecting Your Unique Business

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