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RV or Camper Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Perhaps, like our John Bailey Company team, you read with interest a November 12, 2018, The Washington Post article “1 million Americans live in RVs. Meet the ‘modern nomads.’” Thoughts that come to mind include the fact that six of our 50 states and the District of Columbia have populations under one million, or, on the lighter side, one might recall scenes from the 1985 film “Lost In America.” Are you a member of the more than 10 million American households that owns a camper or RV? If so, is your RV or camper properly insured? Remember, regarding RV or camper insurance – don’t leave home without it!

Winter months feature RV and Camping Expos

This time of year you can find an RV or Camping Expo in almost every state. And while there was a time when these events were held outdoors, typically exhibitors now find it easier to display and sell their products in the comfort zone provided by convention center venues. Consumers enjoy being indoors. It allows them to browse, relax in comfort, enjoy food, have access to nice restrooms…all while they make what could be a life-changing decision to purchase an RV or camper. As journalist Jean Chatzky once observed:

“Whether it’s fly-fishing, taking your camper to the Everglades, or just traveling, everyone has got a little retirement dream.”

What you need to understand about RV or Camper insurance

If you are considering a purchase of a recreational vehicle, including motorhomes, travel trailers, camper vans or bus conversions, then you need to take some time to understand RV insurance. Do not assume that your RV, motorhome or camper will be immediately covered under your standard auto insurance. This is particularly important, if you are financing your purchase. The lienholder will require you to carry full coverage to protect not only your interests but theirs, as well.

The RV insurance rates can vary by state, class type, value of the RV or camper, and how you plan to use your asset. The Wandering RV assists in understanding class types:

  • Class A: These are the largest, most luxurious and most expensive motorhomes, ranging anywhere from 21-40 feet in length and sleeping up to eight people. A Class A motorhome looks typically like a bus and is usually equipped with the highest quality of kitchens and living areas.
  • Class B: Your Class B motorhome is also known as a “camper van,” and are usually the smallest and most economical, ranging 16-21 feet in length and sleeping up to four people.
  • Class C: These are going to be in the mid-range and are usually about 20-33 feet in length, sleeping up to six people comfortably and are sometimes called mini motorhomes.

Travel trailers and campers differ, insofar that they need to be towed and may be used for storage or have living quarters.

Owners should consider coverages, such as: liability, collision and comprehensive, bodily injury, personal valuables, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, emergency towing and rental car coverage. We often refer to the award-winning website The Balance and today we invite you to check out these articles:

  1. “Insurance Coverage Types for RVs and Campers,” The Balance, January 30, 2019
  2. “When Is RV Insurance Required?” The Balance, February 4, 2019

RV or Camper Insurance…talk to your insurance agent

Without exception, every expert who speaks to this subject offers similar sound advice: talk to your insurance agent, reach out to a licensed insurance agent, consult an insurance expert, and working with an independent agent will allow you to review several quotes in one place.

Remember to discuss: How often you intend to use your RV; be honest about your driving history (this can impact your rates); and inquire about coverage limits and deductibles.

The John Bailey Company, located in Knoxville, TN, is an independent insurance agency, not owned by a large corporate insurance company, and we create and shop our stable 8 “A Rated” auto insurance companies for you. Shopping for RV or camper insurance requires that your agents have more expertise to insure a great life! And we do!

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