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Shadow Benefits destroy Healthcare

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Nick Smith, our new health insurance guy, has developed a new approach that targets “unused shadow benefits,” and then works individually with the plan administrator, or family to design an affordable plan based on value, rather than “smoke and mirrors”….It is unbelievable how much waste exists in a health insurance policy.  Our focus is sharing and educating the public, which is the real solution to a broken system.  If you want more info, contact us. Below is a glimpse, we will try to give tips every week:

Government subsidy for COBRA Premiums creates even greater need to evaluate options.

Individuals –  If you are recently unemployed, ask your employer if you qualify for the 65% government subsidy of COBRA premiums.  If you originally declined coverage you may qualify for a special enrollment period lasting 60 days.  If you are on a group plan or an individual family plan, strongly consider a qualified health savings plan or request your employer to offer one.  Constantly keep in mind the importance of being an informed consumer… We were recently able to save a family more money for individual/family coverage than the 65% saved them on their COBRA coverage.

Employers – If you have let any workers go since September 1, 2008, be sure your administrator has the latest updates associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (what Obama signed last week).  If you have seen significant increases in your premium over the past few years, ask your agent/broker to help you understand the new consumer driven healthcare programs… If they tell you it’s not worth it then get a second opinion.

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